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Alan moved in with his partner and family within a short space of time after meeting them. Straight after Alan moved in, his partner started to become abusive, shouting, lashing out and controlling where he could go and who he could speak to. After two years, Alan felt he couldn’t take the physical, financial abuse and controlling behaviour any more.

Alan went online to see what help he could get, and decided to contact our 24 hour helpline. He was nervous about doing this initially, but on the call was able to off load and share his experiences. The helpline staff member was able to complete a risk assessment with Alan and offered him a space at the refuge.

As a result of the phone call, Alan accepted the refuge space, and took advice how to take the next steps safely to leave his partner. Alan moved from Liverpool, aiming to come out of his area to try and start a new life.

Alan was shy and lacked confidence due to experiencing the abuse from his partner. Refuge worked with Alan to develop his confidence and self-esteem and his key worker completed one to one sessions with him to establish coping strategies. He was also referred to external services to help him meet new people and socialise. Alan also completed a domestic abuse course with refuge staff and residents. His keyworker also worked with Alan to tailor an individualised safety plan to promote his safety whilst he was in refuge, but also preparing for his resettlement.

Alan then decided that he wanted to resettle in the St Helens area as he had made friends here and had developed a positive support network.

Alan applied from Under One Roof housing and staff supported him to get a priority status due to his circumstances. Alan was offered a property and his key worker continued to point Alan in the right direction to set up his new home. Prior to leaving refuge he was helped to apply to the Local Welfare Assistance Scheme to assist with furniture for his new house as he had left with nothing.

Alan’s key worker applied from additional safety measures at his new address to ensure he felt confident moving into his new home.

Alan is now settled and living independently in St Helens. He continues to access local services to help his job search as he is now in a place were he feels ready to go back to work.

Alan said – “I wouldn’t have done it without refuge’s understanding and assistance – going into refuge gave me the chance I needed to think about what I wanted and needed, and for the first time in two years I felt safe and could make my own choices.”

“I felt safe and could make my own choices