How We Help

When you contact us for support, the help you get will be based on the level of risk you’re in.  We’ll assess your situation by completing a MERIT risk assessment or if you are referred by another agency, we will process the risk assessment attached to the referral. Depending on the risk level, Safe2Speak could offer the following:

star-bulletOne to one help

The Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor service gives advice to high risk victims on a range of areas such as:

  • Creating safety plans and undertaking risk assessments
  • Accompanying clients to court or arranging pre-trial visits
  • Supporting clients to give evidence and write victim impact statements
  • Requesting special measures e.g. screens to conceal clients in court so they don’t have to face their abuser
  • Helping clients to access refuge accommodation
  • Helping clients to increase security in their property so that they can continue to live safely at home
  • Providing emotional support and referring victims to counselling or mental health services
  • Liaising with social workers on child protection issues
  • Representing victim’s views and wishes at Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) meetings
  • Helping clients to make informed choices about the criminal justice process & accessing civil legal measures
  • Liaising with the Police and other public services to promote victims ongoing safety

The Wellbeing Programme

The Wellbeing Programme is available to any clients known to Safe2Speak who would like to:

  • Get support to move from surviving to thriving
  • Support to be able to access other health and wellbeing services 
  • Support to explore mental health and wellbeing
  • Learn what helps you move on from surviving to thriving 
  • Practical support towards creating positive and sustainable goals
  • Meet others who will support you on your journey 

Aimed at helping people learn tools and create goals to make the desired changes in their lives, support is delivered face to face for at least 12 weeks.

The programme will focus on building trust, group and peer support as well as learning about the different ways to increase self-esteem, confidence and hope.

Why should I attend?

Sometimes in life, our experiences can make us stressed, anxious and depressed. It can be hard to manage family life and feel confident about the changes we want to make especially if the stress has been around for a while. 

It’s common for people to fear sharing with others, what they are experiencing, their thoughts and difficulties. However, this programme is designed to make a safe and non-judgemental space for you to flourish and create new possibilities in your life. 

Those taking part could be offered a range of support to help with various issues, including: 

  • Picking up the pieces after a broken relationship
  • Life trauma
  • Moving on after loss
  • Getting the job you always wanted
  • Communication problems
  • Help building assertiveness self-esteem and confidence

How does it work?

Your Safe2Speak Worker will go through the details of the programme with you and you can meet with one of the Wellbeing Team.

You will be asked to complete a short assessment so the team can decide what support will best suit your needs and then a Wellbeing Worker will go over what the plan is going forward. 

Depending on this plan and your own needs, you will be offered one to one or group work which will take place either online or face to face. 

The programme consists of:

  • A one-off workshop to hear about the programme, understand how it can help you, how it works and some of the things you might learn. This will be done via zoom and will be recorded.
  • An online course (between three to eight weeks) to help you learn about the programme, yourself, and what helps you feel better, techniques and strategies to cope, plus skills that develop your confidence and self-esteem. 

This part of the programme is kept short for those who are unsure of how long they can commit for or for those who want something shorter and online. The first three weeks will provide a safe space to share with you the basics for the groupwork, where you are able to get a good sense of how it will be. 

Speak to your Safe2Speak team member for more details.


Your Worker will discuss the areas of confidentiality with you, and whatever is shared in the group remains confidential. This is unless any safeguarding issues arise and if so, a plan will be made with you.

Community based help

The Domestic Abuse Outreach Service can offer ongoing support to medium and standard risk victims on a range of areas such as:

  • Domestic Abuse awareness sessions – tailored to the individual
  • Safety planning and risk assessments
  • Helping clients increase security in their property so they can continue to live safely at home
  • Providing emotional support and referring victims to counselling or mental health services
  • Income maximisation – assisting victims to access benefits & referring to specialist services
  • Helping client with resettlement plans and accessing safe accommodation
  • Supporting clients with ongoing child protection issues, liaising with social workers and attending relevant multi-agency meetings with the client

Domestic Abuse Refuge Accommodation Service

We can arrange safe, temporary accommodation to all victims of domestic abuse if they are unsafe in their own home or are homeless as a result of domestic abuse. The service is a 24 hour staffed service, 365 days a year.

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Where to find us:

Domestic Abuse Services (Outreach & IDVA team) based at – 
4 Corporation Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 1DL

Domestic Abuse Refuge Accommodation Service – address confidential; only provided to victims who have accepted refuge space following full referral process.